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University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, Western Sydney University

Production Assistant and Research

Janet Laurence Studio


Assistant Teaching Professor

Iowa State University, Department of Architecture

Taught third-year and graduate level architecture and interdisciplinary design studios, Introduction to Urban Theory, and co-taught Introduction to Architecture Theory.

Studio Websites

Earth Calling Architecture

Graduate Architecture Studio

Ecologies of Repair

Interdisciplinary Design and Graduate Architecture Studio

Presentations + Exhibitions

Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future, June 2020 

With Rebecca Huxley

Presentation of our paper "Towards a New Relationship of Light and Darkness".

(Conference cancelled due to Covid-19)

Less Recently

Masters of Research Architecture

Goldsmiths, University of London, '18

Thesis: Ancient Light


Bachelors of Architecture

Iowa State University, '17

Presentations + Exhibitions

Het Nieuwe Instituut & La Biennale di Venezia, November 2018 

With the CRA 17-18' cohort

Screening, exhibition, and presentation of FutureLand, a speculative documentary film exploring logistical imaginaries.

Sonic Acts Academy, February 2018 

With the CRA 17-18' cohort

Presentation of HR Report “Unless the Water is Safer than the Land,” an investigation into

offshore detention and the turn-back of asylum seekers off the coast of Australia. I was responsible for designing the visual presentation and narrative structure for this event, as well as a portion of the research. 

La Biennale di Venezia Sessions, October 2016 

With Iowa State University

Presentation of Disrupt/Displace, research and visualizations of the political-spatial effects of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Reading Architecture Across the Arts and Humanities, December 2015 

With David Cordaro and Joshua Frank

Presented speculative research which examined Barcelona as a future archaeological site.


Three Greens In-Between

Footnotes from the Centre for Research Architecture, 2018

Solis Machina 

PNYX, 2018

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